We provide professional advisors with options and information for their clients interested in giving to their local church or other United Methodist institutions. In addition to these valuable resources, The The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas:

  • Serves as Trustee of permanent endowment funds benefiting any United Methodist church, institution, or other ministry.
  • Provides brochures on planned giving options.
  • Serves as Trustee of life-income gift arrangements and revocable trusts.
  • Issues gift annuities.
  • Serves as executor of estates.
  • Provides advice on giving methods and alternatives.
  • Helps provide clients with clear and understandable gift illustrations.
United Methodist Attorney Conference

Each year, The The Methodist Foundation for Arkansas sponsors an event for attorneys throughout the conference to update them on current legal issues that could impact their clients or local churches. Participating attorneys receive CLE credits. Contact Janet Marshall at to learn more.


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Tuesday May 24, 2022